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Lucid Dreaming Software 1.0

No Image Lucid Dreaming Software also shows some tips and tricks which will help you to lucid dream. Download Lucid Dreaming Software And Try it out Yourself Happy Lucid Dreaming ! Note : As lucid dreaming skills varies from person to person SOFTWARE does not provide any kind of guarantee that you’ll be able to lucid dream for sure.Lucid Dreaming Software is a computer software to remind you to perform reality checks when you’re working on your computer

7art Lucid Clock ScreenSaver 1.1: Prepare yourself for Lucid Dreams with color waves on dial of this stylish clock
7art Lucid Clock ScreenSaver 1.1

This stylish clock will prepare you to Lucid Dreaming. Colors and waves on its dial make you wonder if you are awake or seeing all this in a dream. Check your reality (tip: in a dream you can fly but letters and numbers morph under your gaze). No flying this time? Keep checking and maybe the next check will be in a dream where everything is possible… The most wonderful experiences, places far away, people you always wanted to meet…

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7art Cheerful Clock ScreenSaver 1.2: Get 14 cheerful Clock at your desktop in one single clock screensaver !
7art Cheerful Clock ScreenSaver 1.2

Get 14 cheerful Clock in one single clock screensaver: Atumn Clock, Be Here Now Clock, Mechanical Clock, Lucid Dreaming Clock, Neon Clock, Orange Clock, Picasso Clock, Pifagor Clock, Pizza Clock, Radioactive Clock, Spring Clock, Summer Clock, Surprise Clock, Winter Clock. Clock manager is included with the bundle.

rain, saver, solar, time, desktop, wind, liquid, watch, amazing, flower, picture, flash, star

Liquid Dream 3.1.4: A free dream journal designed to wake you up in your dreams.
Liquid Dream 3.1.4

lucidity and even the moon cycle. Dreams are automatically organized by date for easy navigation and can be expanded to show common keywords and how they relate to other dreams. Play sounds in the middle of your sleep. Adjust the cycle length to predict when you will be dreaming and drag and drop a song or recording to be played during your rapid eye movement phase. Guaranteed to manifest in some form in your dreams when you get the timing right. "

dream journal, subliminal messages, meditation, lucid dreaming, text to speech

Lucid 1.2: Lucid will add automatic transparency effects to any window.
Lucid 1.2

Lucid will add automatic transparency effects to any window. Adding a window is as simple as dragging an icon over it. Once a window is added to Lucid`s list it will automatically switch between the user defined minimum and maxium transparency. Lucid uses the window`s class name for identification, so it is easy to add all windows from an application by dragging the mouse over any of its windows. Lucid can be enabled and disabled quickly.

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LucidLink Home Office Edition 2.2: Easy-to-use, Strong Wi-Fi Security for Small/Home Office Wireless Networks
LucidLink Home Office Edition 2.2

Award-winning LucidLink Wireless Security makes it easy for small offices & home offices to set-up, secure, & manage wireless networks without requiring security or network expertise. Designed for homes that need to rapidly deploy and secure Wi-Fi network with enterprise-strength security (802.1X & WPA security). LucidLink auto- configures leading access points so you can quickly set up your secure network. Free license key on company`s website.

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LucidLog.Net 1.0.0: Efficient logging tool for tracing and monitoring .NET and ASP.NET applications.
LucidLog.Net 1.0.0

LucidLog.Net is an efficient logging tool for tracing, debugging, diagnostic and real-time monitoring .NET and ASP.NET applications. It allows not only examine how well the your application is executing, but it is also a good way to pinpoint the performance issues and to troubleshoot a business logic of the your application. With LucidLog.Net it is much easier to trace and debug multi-threaded and distribute applications than with ordinary debugg

diagnostics, logging, monitoring, tracing, analysing, vb net, debugging, asp net

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